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Would your organization like to partner with us?

To discuss how we can deliver your thought-leadership at the event, help you generate leads, and provide you with unique networking and branding opportunities, please contact [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)207 164 6582 for more information.

How can you partner with CeFPro?

  • Positioning in the industry

    Whether you are the industry leader or a start-up, CeFPro® has opportunities to maintain, advance, or promote your standing among the risk community.

  • Targeted and one-on-one meetings

    General promotion is no replacement for connecting with key decision-makers and C-suite professionals, whether at an event, a closed-door forum, a networking reception, or a VIP dinner.

  • Reach business buyers

    Outside of marketing and promotion, CeFPro®’s extensive range of offerings can provide clients with opportunities to reach key decision-makers and buyers.

  • Thought leadership

    Advance your expertise, knowledge, and experience with a presentation, a panelist, or a roundtable discussion. Why not enhance that with an article published in iNFRont Magazine and CeFPro® Connect?

  • Lead generation

    Meet with key decision makers and senior professionals at CeFPro® events, roundtables, or at an invite-only dinner.

  • Branding and awareness

    Want to advance your organization and/or your products or offerings? What better way than at a live in-person event where you will meet leading decision-makers, or online through CeFPro®’s market intelligence reports, iNFRont Magazine, or Connect member’s hub.

  • Networking

    Whether over coffee, lunch, drinks reception, or dinner, expand your network connections in person.